Analytic Pragmatism: Summer School in Latvia

Second Graduate International Summer School in Cognitive Sciences and Semantics will take place at UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA, RIGA 19-29 July 2010.

The Seminar will focus on three interconnected themes running through the work of Robert Brandom: (1) Analytic Pragmatism, the project of giving a rigorous and systematic theoretical account of the relation between meaning and our discoursive practices, (2) Semantic Inferentialism, the strategy of taking inference rather than representation as one’s explanatorily basic semantic category, and (3) Logical Expressivism, the idea that the fundamental role of logical terms is to make explicit the inferential relations in our discursive practices.

Prof. Brandom will be lecturing and leading seminars on all three topics, while the other members of the faculty will be leading seminars on historical antecedents and contemporary alternatives/criticisms of these pragmatic, inferentialist and expressivist positions.


► Robert Brandom (University of Pittsburgh)

► David Beisecker (University of Nevada Las Vegas)

► Michael Glanzberg (University of California, Davis)

► Henry Jackman (York University)

► Danielle MacBeth (Haverford College)

► Mark McCullaugh (University of Guelph)

► Douglas Patterson (Kansas State University)

► Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer (University of Leipzig)

Info about the Analytic Pragmatism, Semantic Inferentialism, and Logical Expressivism School.

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