DAPHNET, the ILIESI’s Digital Archives of PHilosophical texts on the NET, is a portal that gives access to digital platforms dedicated to relevant authors and texts belonging to the history of scientific and philosophical thought. These platforms are characterized by some common aspects: they primarily aim at giving access to primary sources, eventually complemented by secondary sources and critical instruments; they can include both facsimiles and transcriptions of manuscripts and printed texts; they are based on open-source programmes and standard encoding (i.e. html, XLM,…); the text of these platforms can be semantically enriched. Moreover, the platforms are interoperable, open to the collaboration of the scholars, and they are certified by a board of reviewers.

You can find there:

  • Presocratics – the famous collection of Presocratic thinkers in ninety chapters edited by H. Diels and W. Kranz, with the parallel Italian translation edited by G. Giannantoni.
  • Socratics – the collection of testimonies about Socrates and Socratics (Socratis et Socraticorum Reliquiae) edited by G. Giannantoni.
  • Laertius – lives and opinions of eminent Philosophers in ten books. Collation of the editions of R. D. Hicks, H. S. Long, M. Marcovich and the Italian translation of M. Gigante with parallel Greek text restored on the bases of his philological notes.
  • Modern Philosophy – a selection of primary sources relevant to the understanding of scientific and philosophical thought of early Modern Age.
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