The Philosophical Quarterly

The first issue of The Philosophical Quarterly was published in October 1950. In the sixty years since, the PQ has established itself as one of the world’s leading general philosophy journals. We continue to publish across the full spectrum of academic philosophy, and welcome original research in all areas of philosophy and its history.

Our aim in compiling this virtual issue was not to select the ‘best’ articles published in the PQ, but rather to produce a representative sample of the last sixty years. Limiting ourselves to two articles for each decade, we sought to give readers a taste of the variety of topics discussed in the journal, and the range of philosophical approaches taken to those issues. As we find every week, when deciding which articles to publish today, the final choice was not easy. Many wonderful articles missed out. We could, of course, have included more. (The joy of a virtual issue is that there is no restriction on pages.) But we wanted the virtual issue to be as close as possible to a real issue. Our hope is that our selection will whet the readers’ appetites – encouraging them to search back through the PQ archive and discover hidden riches for themselves.

The virtual issue opens with the editor’s introduction from the first issue, and with a brief piece by Malcolm Knox.

To read the virtual issue for free, please visit THIS WEBSITE.

Articles Include:

Front Matter / Volume 1: Issue 1, 1950.

A Passage in Hegel’s ‘Philosophy of Right’ / T. M. Knox / Volume 1: Issue 1, 1950.

Feelings / Gilbert Ryle / Volume 1: Issue 3, 1951.

Direct Perception / Norman Malcolm / Volume 3: Issue 13, 1953.

Aristotle on the Good: A Formal Sketch / Bernard Williams / Volume 12: Issue 49, 1962.

Plato’s “Third Man” Argument (PARM. 132A1-B2): Text and Logic / Gregory Vlastos / Volume 19: Issue 77, 1969.

The ideas of Power and Substance in Locke’s Philosophy / Michael R. Ayres / Volume 25: Issue 98, 1975.

Common Knowledge / Jane Heal / Volume 28: Issue 111, 1978.

Epiphenomenal Qualia / Frank Jackson / Volume 32: Issue 127, 1982.

What does a concept script do? / Cora Diamond / Volume 34: Issue 136, 1984.

A Furry Tile About Mental Representation / Deborah Brown / Volume 36: Issue 185, 1996.

Finkish Dispositions / David Lewis / Volume 47: Issue 187, 1997.

How to Reid Moore / John Greco / Volume 52: Issue 209, 2002.

Kant’s second thoughts on race / Pauline Kleingeld / Volume 57: Issue 229, 2007.

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