PPhil in Vilnius: 3 Day. Seminars II


11 valuable researches from PPhil members and friends

The third day consists from eleven different presentations from eleven different specialists. Here we move from Isaiah Berlin through the phenomenological and marxist approaches to the innovative concept of “playground” and philosophy of moral intuition.

List of videos:

1. Olli Loukola, University of Helsinki: “Commissioning a Taxi Driver: Of Philosophical Professionalism”
2. Liutauras Degėsys, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences: “Philosophy of Education as Philosophy of Education of the Self”
3. Andrius Bielskis, Mykolas Romeris University: “The relevance of marxist theory of exploitation”
4. Francesco Orsi, University of Tartu: “Pure Evil”
5. Mikael M. Karlsson, University of Iceland: “Hypothetical and Categorical Imperatives”
6. Ernestas Jancenkas, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences: “Praxeological Ethics of Private Property”
7. Simon Barker, Bifröst University: “Doxatic Divisions and the Praxical Value of Hermeneutic Understanding”
8. Tõnu Viik: Tallinn University: “A Phenomenological Reduction of the Patriotic Enjoyment”
9. Paul McLaughlin: University of Tartu: “Philosophical Reflections on the Banking Crisis”
10. Klemen Slabina, Tallinn University: “Playground: The Whereabouts of Our Wishes, Choices, and Decisions”
11. Student Prize Presentation – Gunnar Júlíus Guðmundsson, University of Iceland: “Moral Intuitions”

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