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Operating in crisis mode for COVID-19, TB, or any other health catastrophe is difficult to sustain. Seyllou/AFP via Getty Images

Like COVID, TB is a pandemic and must be treated as an emergency

In 2020 TB case detection fell by almost 20% and mortality rose for the first time in a decade. These setbacks are directly attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Traditional media, particularly print, are in decline as audiences move online. Patrick Meinhardt / AFP via Getty Images

Journalism has changed. Education must reflect the reality

Today’s journalism students are less likely to find full-time jobs as professional journalists. The craft has become ‘post-industrial’, entrepreneurial and atypical.
Bisimwa Hardy, 22, emerges from a shaft at Luhihi in South Kivu with a bag full of stones destined to the crusher to separate the stone from the gold. Photo by Guerchom Ndebo/AFP via Getty Images

Small-scale gold miners in DRC challenge the view that they can’t cut it

As a dynamic and mechanising form of production, artisanal mining is in more direct competition with large corporations than is commonly perceived.