Past activities

Various academic activities such as research, lecturing, dissertations and publications have been on the common agenda of the participating universities over the years. Some of the markers of this cooperation are listed here:

“Thinking Aloud – Philosophy and Democracy in Schools”, Conference in Reykjavik, February 27th and 28th 2009.
The program finished with a discussion about what has emerged and how we can continue the development of philosophy in the schools in the Nordic-Baltic area.

“Secrets and Conspiracies”, an international conference in Kaunas, Lithuania 2 -3. 10. 2007. Proceedings forthcoming, edited by Leonidas Donskis & Olli Loukola.

International conference “Higher Education in Belarus: Challenges of Internationalization”, arranged by European Humanities University and Nordic Council of Ministers, 11. – 12.12.2006.

“Niccolo Machiavelli: History, Power and Virtue”, an international conference in Kaunas, Lithuania, 2 – 4.10. 2006. Proceedings forthcoming, edited by Leonidas Donskis.

“The Baltic philosopher. The life and philosophy of Vasili Sesemann (1884-1963)”. A seminar organised in Helsinki, 16.3.2006. See

“Human Nature as the Basis for Morality and Sociability in Early Modern Philosophy”, a joint conference of University of Tartu and Helsinki in December 2005. Participants from Tartu, Helsinki, Kaunas, Cambridge, Lund and Lausanne. A special peer-reviewed edition of presentations will be published in Acta Philosophica Fennica.

Nordic Academy for Advanced Studies (NorFa) networking project ‘The Ethics of Genetic and Medical Information’. Participants from University of Tartu (Centre for Ethics), University of Helsinki and additionally academics and postgraduate students from Sweden, Iceland and UK. 2002-2006.

A EU 5th Framework Project ELSAGEN (‘Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Human Genetic Databases’). Participants included University of Tartu, University of Helsinki, University of Lund, University of Lancaster, University of Oxford, and University of Iceland. 2002-2004.

Leonidas Donskis as the chief editor of Rodopi (The Netherlands) book series “On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics”, with Timo Airaksinen, Olli Loukola and Mara Rubene (University of Latvia) in the Editorial and Advisory Board.

A lecture series ‘Between Identity and Freedom: Mapping Baltic Philosophy in the Twentieth Century’ by Olli Loukola (University of Helsinki) & Leonidas Donskis (Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas) in Helsinki in Spring 2000 as part of the Via Baltica – Baltic Studies -study block of University of Helsinki.

The academic dissertation of Leonidas Donskis in the Department of Social and Moral Philosophy of University of Helsinki in 1999 and the attainment of docentship in 2003.

Common Nordic Grant Schemes “Update in Ethics and Social Philosophy” (1.7.2000 – 30.6.2001) and “Update in Ethics and Social Philosophy 2001-2” (1.7.2001 – 30.6.2002) with University of Latvia, University of Iceland, and coordinated by University of Helsinki.

Seminar “Justice or Toleration” held in Riga in November 2000, with proceedings published in 2005 as “Justice or Toleration” (ed. Andris Rubens).

“The Baltic Sea Conference New Ethics – New Society or The Dawn of Justice” arranged by University of Helsinki in November 1997, with proceedings published as “New Ethics – New Society or The Dawn of Justice” (ed. Airaksinen, Timo & Olli Loukola, Acta Philosophica Fennica, no 65, 2000).

EU-Tempus project proposals ‘The Role of Professional and Business Ethics in Socio-Economic and Political Transformation in Estonia, Latvia and Poland’ 1994, and ‘Professional and Business Ethics as a Management Tool for Latvia’ and ‘Decision-Making – Professional and Business Ethics in a Democratic Society (Estonia)’, 1995.