Master’s Programme

The International Master’s Degree Programme “Practical Philosophy – Theories of Good Society” (PPhil)

The qualifier practical in the programme’s title refers to the object of the study, that is, praxis: the philosophical enquiry of human life and practices. Practical Philosophy centres not only on human activity but also the foundations of the social sciences. It pursues the question of how we – as individuals and communities – should live, as well as questions concerning the nature of individual action and social institutions, including the conceptual and methodological problems connected with them.

The International Master’s Degree Programme “Practical Philosophy – Theories of Good Society” (PPhil) offers an internationally valid and high-standard degree with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in the field. The degree is designed to give the students first-rate competence to undertake doctoral studies. It will also be a genuinely competitive degree in professions related to the various fields in social sciences. The graduates from the PPhil programme receive a Master’s Degree from their home institution together with a diploma supplement including course descriptions and listing their individual study attainments.

PPhil is a two-year full-time degree programme (120 ECTS credits). It includes local studies at the participating universities and the following common philosophical studies: an Introductory Workshop in Helsinki, a Summer School, and an Exchange Term at one of the partner universities. The common courses are planned and realised jointly. Regular instruction benefits from the targeted teacher exchange from the Course Pool (a selection of courses offered by the participating universities), and the Supervisor Pool (a selection of teachers from the participating universities) guarantees first-class thesis supervision. This structure enables wide coverage of the various areas of Practical Philosophy as well as specialised expertise in teaching and instruction, which would normally be impossible to attain within the confines of regular-size institutes and departments of philosophy.

This Practical Philosophy programme is conducted jointly by the eight universities participating in the Baltic Philosophy Network (Balphin).

NB! Unfortunately, the master’s programme is suspended at the moment. Balphin is currently working on getting new funding to resume the programme.