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Founded in 1887, Clark University is a liberal arts-based research university that prepares its students to meet tomorrow’s most daunting challenges and embrace its greatest opportunities. Through 33 undergraduate majors, nearly 30 advanced degree programs and nationally recognized community partnerships, Clark fuses rigorous scholarship with authentic world and workplace experiences that empower our learning community to pursue lives and careers of meaning and consequence. Clark’s academic departments and institutes develop solutions to complex global problems across the disciplines, and the university addresses the behavioral health of adolescents and young adults through the Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise.


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Health and well-being come in many forms, including finding solitude and connection with nature. Pheelings Media/iStock via Getty Images Plus

The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired new health habits for these 4 scholars – here’s what they put into practice and why

The new year is a perfect time to adopt new health habits and routines. These four scholars reflect on the ways that they overcame the pandemic blues to get fit.
Parents may want to talk to teachers about their family structure, and what their child calls each parent, before the start of the school year. Attila Csaszar/Moment Collection via Getty Images

7 tips for LGBTQ parents to help schools fight stigma and ignorance

Parents often think about a school’s quality, class sizes, safety and extracurriculars. LGBTQ parents may also want to know their family will be respected.
Con las pruebas descubiertas por los paleontólogos, una artista dibujó El Bosque Petrificado de Chamana tal y como podría haber sido mucho antes de la aparición de los humanos. NPS/GIP Mariah Slovacek

Árboles petrificados en Perú revelan la historia primigenia de Sudamérica

Gracias a los restos de unos árboles fosilizados en Perú tras una erupción volcánica hace 39 millones de años, los científicos y una artista han descubierto cómo era el bosque mucho antes de que existiera el ser humano.
With the evidence uncovered by paleontologists, an artist sketched El Bosque Petrificado Piedra Chamana as it might have looked long before humans. Mariah Slovacek/NPS-GIP

A volcanic eruption 39 million years ago buried a forest in Peru – now the petrified trees are revealing South America’s primeval history

Using remnants of fossilized trees, scientists and an artist figured out what the forest looked like long before humans existed.
An affirming college environment can set trans youth on a path of personal, academic and professional success. Alessandra Tarantino/AP

How to tell if your college is trans-inclusive

These are some of the key features and policies that trans prospective students may want to consider in their college exploration process.
Through the Paris Agreement, the world’s countries agreed to work to keep global warming well under 2 degrees Celsius. Saeed Khan/AFP via Getty Images

Why the US rejoining the Paris climate accord matters at home and abroad — 5 scholars explain

The US is formally back in the Paris climate agreement as of today. As one of the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters, it has a lot of work to do, with food security, health and safety at stake.
Just 20 amino acids for chains in various combinations to create the thousands of varieties of proteins in our body. David Goodsell/ProteinDatabase

What is a protein? A biologist explains

A biologist explains where proteins come from and what role the 20,000 or so proteins in your body play in keeping you alive and kicking.
La policía antidisturbios se enfrenta a los manifestantes en Lima, Perú, el 12 de noviembre de 2020. Ernesto Benavides/AFP via Getty Images

La democracia peruana afronta su mayor desafío desde la dictadura de Fujimori

Después de convertirse en el tercer presidente del país en seis días, Francisco Sagasti debe llevar al país a elecciones y construir una mejor democracia. No es una tarea sencilla. Otros políticos peruanos fracasaron ante empresas similares.


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