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Pitch an article idea

Thanks for your interest in pitching an idea to The Conversation. This page briefly explains our editorial priorities and shows you what makes a good pitch. You can then submit a pitch via the links.

What types of stories are we looking for?

The Conversation focuses on three priority areas:

  • Timely, evidence-based analysis of issues making the news
  • Articles explaining new research and its significance for a non-expert audience
  • Timeless, plain English ‘explainers’ of complex issues

Before pitching, please consider a keyword search to read what we’ve published on your topic.

Can you write for The Conversation?

Are you currently employed as a researcher or academic with a university or government scientific research institution? We do not publish articles written by people employed by think tanks or non-profit research groups. Or, if you’re a student, are you a PhD candidate?

We generally work with academics at US universities. You can also pitch your article to editions of the The Conversation in Australia, Africa, Canada, France, Indonesia and the UK.

No, but I'm a reader with a question or idea to suggest